About Techno-consult

Where we come from

Founded in 1981 as technology competence center, our focus was on projects developed especially for global players such as Philips, Siemens, Bayer and others. We created highly sophisticated electronic devices for various markets.

In addition we deployed solutions for a variety of governmental agencies, including a countrywide coordination system for fire fighters, safety-, rescue- and ambulance services.

In 1999 we decided to focus on supplying the gaming industry with modular solutions.

Where we are today

Having equipped more than 3000 Electronic Gaming Machines and more than 100 Gaming Tables with our on-line systems in Europe and Africa, you can expect us to supply premium value to your needs. We offer a proven system combined with a customer orientated flexibility for integration.

Our vast product portfolio covers not only the on-line system demands but also offers a highly versatile VLT system with different form factor cabinets. Additionally, we supply a customizeable internet gaming platform for customer binding. Thus, we are the ideal partner for your gaming operation.

Latest News

April 10th 2012

Techno-consult new internet appearance

Techno-consult has launched its all new internet appearance to establish closer contact with the global Casino Market.

Mr. Harald Swatek, Owner and CEO of the company says: “As a key player in the Casino Industry it is essential for us to communicate by any mean with our customers, actual ones as well as potentials. I’m extremely excited about the launch of this newly structured internet appearance allowing us to better utilize this mean of communication. We will update the site on a regular base to offer always up-to-date information and are looking forward to market feedback.”